Immediate Response Program - Decision Steps

This page is for EAF Fund Partners only. Individual applicants should visit
Applicants can contact EAF's Applicant Experience team at 888.303.4369 with any questions.
Welcome to Emergency Assistance Foundation’s Immediate Response Program (IRP) Fund suggestion and information page. The below information is needed for each IRP you are suggesting to create for the Fund. This information will be incorporated into each of the forms and steps needed to create and administer the Fund’s IRP. Emergency Assistance Foundation works hand in hand with Fund Partners throughout each of the steps below.

All IRP applicants must be impacted by the qualified Disaster Event and meet the criteria listed below:

  1. Primary residence was affected by the Disaster Event causing applicant to be evacuated, displaced, stranded, or significantly impacted.
  2. The applicant is in need of food, clothing, or other basic immediate needs.
If you are unfamiliar with the IRP process or have any questions, please contact

First and last name of person submitting Immediate Response Program Decision Steps.

Email of person submitting Immediate Response Program Decision Steps.

Please select the Fund Name.

Identify the qualified Disaster Event being responded to.

Determine how much each grant recipient will be granted in USD. ($250 - $500 is most common with $1,000 maximum allowed)


Estimate the maximum number of IRP applications expected. This number enables the program to be limited to ensure that grants do not exceed donations available. A minimum of 30 is recommended to minimize the cost of each application and to comply with regulations by avoiding the targeting of grantees.

Please select the program end date. The end date selected is the number of days after the qualified Disaster Event was Presidentially declared (or international disaster equivalent) that the program will accept applications. Best practice is 30 days. Please note that any changes to the program end date will result in an amendment to the agreement, which incurs a US $100 fee.

If applicants have any questions, what generic email should they be directed to at your organization?

If the person who will sign the IRP Agreement is different from the person submitting the Decision Steps, please provide the signee's email address here. Please add any additional comments and/or questions you may have for the Emergency Assistance Foundation team.